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The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission monitors exemplary occurrences of the following natural communities. Exemplary natural communities are relatively undisturbed or have recovered sufficiently from previous disturbances and have the flora and fauna that represents, to the best of our knowledge, the natural communities that existed in Kentucky at the time of European colonization. This list was last updated August, 2000.

For additional information about these communities, please contact Marc Evans or Martina Hines.

Lacustrine Communities

  • Floodplain lake

Palustrine Communities

  • Riparian forest
  • Alluvial forest
  • Floodplain ridge/terrace forest
  • Bottomland hardwood forest
  • Wet prairie
  • Bottomland marsh
  • Sinkhole/depression marsh
  • Sinkhole/depression pond
  • Floodplain slough
  • Coastal plain slough
  • Acid seep
  • Calcareous seep
  • Cretaceous hills forested acid seep
  • Appalachian acid seep
  • Depression swamp
  • Cypress swamp
  • Shrub swamp
  • Bottomland hardwood swamp

Riverine Communities

  • Sand bar
  • Mud flat
  • Typic gravel/cobble bar
  • Cumberland Plateau gravel/cobble bar

Terrestial Communities

  • Deep soil mesophytic forest
  • Acidic mesophytic forest
  • Calcareous mesophytic forest
  • Acidic sub-xeric forest
  • Calcareous sub-xeric forest
  • Xeric acidic forest
  • Xeric calcareous forest
  • Xerohydric flatwoods
  • Appalachian mesophytic forest
  • Appalachian sub-xeric forest
  • Cumberland highlands forest
  • Coastal plain mesophytic cane forest
  • Bluegrass mesophytic cane forest
  • Appalachian pine-oak forest
  • Red Cedar-oak forest
  • Hemlock-mixed forest
  • Virginia pine forest
  • Siltstone/shale glade
  • Limestone slope glade
  • Limestone flat rock glade
  • Dolomite glade
  • Cumberland Plateau sandstone glade
  • Shawnee hills sandstone glade
  • Sandstone prairie
  • Limestone prairie
  • Tallgrass prairie
  • Sandstone barrens
  • Knobs shale barrens
  • Limestone barrens
  • Bluegrass savanna-woodland
  • Pine savanna-woodland
  • Cumberland Mountains xeric pine woodland

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