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Press Releases

Press releases are available in PDF format:

collapse Year : 2018 ‎(1)
Press Release - KNP established - June 2018.pdfOffice of Kentucky Nature Preserves Established6/6/2018Kentucky State Nature Preserves, Wild Rivers, and Heritage Land Conservation Fund consolidate into one agency
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(1)
Crooked Creek State Nature Preserve Trail Dedication.pdfCrooked Creek State Nature Preserve Trail Dedication6/23/2017Kentucky Nature Preserves Commission, Lewis County Fiscal Court Develop 728 Acre Hiking Trail and Nature Preserve
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(3)
Boone County Cliffs SNP closure.pdfBoone County Cliffs SNP closure9/21/2016Boone County Cliffs SNP closure
Press Release - Palk Add'n.pdfFrances J Palk Addition3/10/2016KSNPC Dedicates Addition to Frances J. Palk SNP
Press Release - Zeb Weese as KSNPC Director.pdfZeb Weese as KSNPC Director11/17/2016New Director for Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(2)
News Release for Bio. Div. Prot. Award.pdf2015 Biodiversity Protection Award12/11/2015Christy Lee Brown received the 2015 Biological Diversity Protection Award
News Release for Vol. Stew Award.pdf2015 Volunteer Steward Award12/11/2015Kyle Elliott received the 2015 Volunteer Steward Award
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(2)
2014_Biodiversity_Protection_Award.pdf2014 Biodiversity Protection Award12/18/2014Loran D. Gibson received the 2014 Biological Diversity Protection Award.
2014_Volunteer_Steward_Award.pdf2014 Volunteer Steward Award12/13/2014Bob and Ruth Matheny received the 2014 Volunteer Steward Award.
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(4)
News Release  - Archer Benge SNP Dedication.pdf61st SNP-Archer Benge Dedication3/20/2013KSNPC announces the creation of its 61st state nature preserve! Dedicated on March 14, 2013, Archer-Benge State Nature Preserve protects 1,864 forested acres along Laurel Fork in Whitley County.
2013BiodivAward.pdf2013 Biodiversity Protection Award12/12/2013Ben and Pat Begley received the 2013 Biological Diversity Protection Award.
2012 Biodiversity Protection Award.pdf2012 Biodiversity Protection Award1/10/2013Dr. Scott Grubbs and Drs. Albert and Ouida Meier received the 2012 Biological Diversity Protection Award.
Vol. Stew. Award.pdf2012 Volunteer Steward Award1/09/2012Dr. William Bliss Crankshaw received the 2012 Volunteer Steward Award.
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(2)
William Dennis Benge Bequest.pdfWilliam Dennis Benge Bequest10/19/2012The late William Dennis Benge of Fort Wright, Ky., bestowed a generous $202,000 donation upon KSNPC. The bequest will enable KSNPC to protect 1,591 forested acres along Laurel Fork in Whitley County.
NR_EarthWeekHikes2012.pdfEarth Week Hikes04/16/2012KSNPC is partnering with the Kentucky Society of Natural History, Frankfort Parks and Recreation and the Kentucky Native Plant Society to celebrate Earth Week in Kentucky, April 22-28.
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(8)
NR_NCED.pdfNational Conservation Easement Database Released12/19/2011A collaborative effort among five leading conservation organizations has resulted in the National Conservation Easement Database. KSNPC served as the lead data aggregator for easement data in Kentucky.
NR_2011BioDivAward.pdf2011 Biological Diversity Protection Award12/08/2011Kentucky Educational Television (KET) and its “Kentucky Life” program received the 2011 Biological Diversity Protection Award.
NR_35thCelebration.pdfKSNPC Celebrates 35th Anniversary09/08/2011KSNPC is marking 35 years of carrying out its environmental mission to protect Kentucky’s natural heritage.
NR_TomDormanAddition.pdfTom Dorman SNP Addition06/27/2011KSNPC recently accepted a 90-acre transfer from the Kentucky Department of Parks, which was dedicated as the fourth addition to the Tom Dorman SNP.
NR_TerrapinCrkAddition.pdfTerrapin Creek SNP Addition06/06/2011KSNPC recently purchased a nine-acre tract as an addition to the Terrapin Creek SNP in Graves County.
NR_Blood RiverSNP.pdfBlood River SNP Dedicated03/25/2011KSNPC) recently purchased 192 acres in Calloway County, which was dedicated as the Blood River State Nature Preserve SNP.
NR_CrookedCreekAddition.pdfCrooked Creek SNP Addition03/25/2011KSNPC dedicated two additions to the Crooked Creek SNP in Lewis County. American Electric Power (AEP) worked jointly with KSNPC to acquire the additional 328 acres.
NR_IUS-BlackacrePartner.pdfIndiana University Southeast Partnership01/12/2011Indiana University Southeast  has been added as Blackacre SNP partner.
collapse Year : 2010 ‎(3)
NR_2010BioDivAward.pdf2010 Biodiversity Protection Award12/09/2010Dr. James D. Layzer received the 2010 Biological Diversity Protection Award.
NR_2010VolStewAward.pdf2010 Volunteer Steward Award12/09/2010Jim Allen received the 2010 Volunteer Steward Award.
NR_2009BioDivAward.pdf2009 Biodiversity Protection Award03/01/2010Dr. David Maehr received the 2009 Biological Diversity Protection Award.
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(5)
NR_RiverCliffs_Addn.pdfRiver Cliffs SNP Addition11/05/2009KSNPC recently purchased a 98.5-acre tract as an addition to the River Cliffs SNP in Franklin County.
NR_JimScudder_Addn.pdfJim Scudder SNP Addition06/30/2009An additional 64 acres have been purchased and dedicated at Jim Scudder SNP in Hardin County.
NR_TerrapinCreek_Addn.pdfTerrapin Creek SNP Addition06/30/2009An additional 28 acres have been purchased and dedicated at Terrapin Creek SNP in Graves County.
NR_Rickert_Trail_Dedication.pdfJim Scudder SNP Trail Dedication04/13/2009Trail dedication in honor of former KSNPC Commissioner Jon E. Rickert at Jim Scudder SNP in Hardin County.
NR_ClosedNaturePreserves_IceStorm.pdfClosed Nature Preserves02/05/2009Several KSNPC properties are currently closed to visitors until further notice due to the danger from ice storm debris.
collapse Year : 2008 ‎(3)
NR_2008BioDivAward.pdf2008 Biodiversity Protection Award12/12/2008Dr. Thomas C. Barr Jr. received the 2008 Biological Diversity Protection Award.
NR_HarbersonsStationCave.pdfHarberson’s Station Cave Designated a Registered Natural Area07/07/2008KSNPC is partnering with the City of Perryville and The Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association to protect Harberson’s Station Cave in Boyle County, home to two rare species of beetles.
NR_SaveKentuckysHemlocks.pdfSave Kentucky's Hemlocks formed03/21/2008A diverse team made up of land managers, foresters, wildlife biologists, entomologists, public officials, and citizens has formed Save Kentucky’s Hemlocks. The new group aims to protect and save hemlocks from the adelgid.