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Statewide Preserve & Natural Area List

Preserve Regions Map
Visit the Preserve Regions to View Labeled Maps:              
Western Region  |  Eastern Region  |  Southeastern Region

Preserve / Natural Area Access Codes:
Open to the public = Open to the public
Access by appointment only = Access by appointment only (contact the preserve manager to arrange a visit)
Access for research only = Access for research only

SNP indicates State Nature Preserve
SPNP indicates State Park Nature Preserve
WMA/SNA indicates Wildlife Management Area/State Natural Area

Apple Valley Glade SNPEastern Region
Archer-Benge SNPSoutheastern Region
Axe Lake Swamp SNPWestern Region
Bad Branch SNPSoutheastern Region
Bat Cave SNPEastern Region
Beargrass Creek SNPEastern Region
Bissell Bluff WMA/SNAWestern Region
Blackacre SNPEastern Region
Blanton Forest SNPSoutheastern Region
Blood River Seeps SNPWestern Region
Blue Licks SPNPEastern Region
Boone County Cliffs SNPEastern Region
Bouteloua Barrens SNPEastern Region
Brigadoon SNPWestern Region
Cascade Caverns SNPEastern Region
Chaney Lake SNPWestern Region
Crooked Creek SNPEastern Region
Cumberland Falls SPNPSoutheastern Region
Cypress Creek SNPWestern Region
Dinsmore Woods SNPEastern Region
E. Lucy Braun SPNPSoutheastern Region
Eastview Barrens SNPWestern Region
Flat Rock SNPWestern Region
Floracliff SNPEastern Region
Frances Johnson Palk SNPEastern Region
Goodrum Cave SNPWestern Region
Hi Lewis Pine Barrens SNPSoutheastern Region
James E. Bickford SNPSoutheastern Region
Jesse Stuart SNPEastern Region
Jim Scudder SNPWestern Region
John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest SNPEastern Region
John James Audubon SPNPWestern Region
Julian Savanna SNPEastern Region
Kingdom Come SPNPSoutheastern Region
Logan County Glade SNPWestern Region
Lone Oak BarrensWestern Region
Lower Howard's Creek Heritage Park and SNPEastern Region
Martin's Fork WMA/SNASoutheastern Region
Metropolis Lake SNPWestern Region
Natural Bridge SPNPEastern Region
Newman's Bluff WMA/SNAWestern Region
Obion Creek SNPWestern Region
Pilot Knob SNPEastern Region
Pine Mountain SPNPSoutheastern Region
Quiet Trails SNPEastern Region
Raymond Athey Barrens SNPWestern Region
River Cliffs SNPEastern Region
Rockcress Hills SNPEastern Region
Short's Goldenrod SNPEastern Region
Six Mile Island SNPEastern Region
Springhouse Barrens SNPWestern Region
Stone Mountain WMA/SNASoutheastern Region
Terrapin Creek SNPWestern Region
Thompson Creek Glades SNPWestern Region
Three Ponds SNPWestern Region
Tom Dorman SNPEastern Region
Vernon-Douglas SNPWestern Region
Woodburn Glade SNPWestern Region