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Southeastern Region Preserves & Natural Areas

Southeastern Preserve Region Map
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Preserve / Natural Area Access Codes:
Open to the public = Open to the public
Access by appointment only = Access by appointment only (contact the preserve manager to arrange a visit)
Access for research only = Access for research only

SNP indicates State Nature Preserve
SPNP indicates State Park Nature Preserve
WMA/SNA indicates Wildlife Management Area/State Natural Area

Archer-Benge SNPSoutheastern Region
1Bad Branch SNPSoutheastern Region
2Blanton Forest SNPSoutheastern Region
3Cumberland Falls SPNPSoutheastern Region
9E. Lucy Braun SPNPSoutheastern Region
4Hi Lewis Pine Barrens SNPSoutheastern Region
5James E. Bickford SNPSoutheastern Region
6Kingdom Come SPNPSoutheastern Region
7Martin's Fork WMA/SNASoutheastern Region
8Pine Mountain SPNPSoutheastern Region
10Stone Mountain WMA/SNASoutheastern Region