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Aerial view of Julian Savanna SNP ~ KSNPC photo by Marc Evans

Julian Savanna SNP

Location: Franklin County
Size: 42 acres
Access: Access for research onlyResearch Only

* Julian Family
* Julian Family
Purchased with Assistance of:  
* Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund

Link to Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund
Located in Franklin County, Julian Savanna State Nature Preserve protects 42 acres of remnant bluegrass savanna woodland. A globally imperiled community type unique to the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, the commission plans to conduct research on methods to restore and enhance the woodland. Several other remnant sites in the region will benefit from the research results. The Julian Savanna State Nature Preserve was made possible with the generous donation of a conservation easement by the owners. It was dedicated on Oct. 22, 2002.

This property is privately owned and is accessible by written permission only.