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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Wetland (Palustrine) Communities

Forests and Swamps

   Mesic to Wet Forests

       Bottomland hardwood forest
       Bottomland ridge/terrace forest
       Riparian forest (photo only)
       Small stream scour forest
   Wet Forests

       Wet bottomland hardwood forest
(photo only)
       Wet depression/sinkhole forest
       Wet flatwoods

       Cypress (tupelo) swamp
       Shrub swamp


       Acid seep/bog
       Appalachian seep/bog
       Calcareous seep/bog
       Coastal Plain forested acid seep

Herbaceous Wetlands

       Bottomland marsh
       Sinkhole/depression marsh

       Wet meadow
        Wet prairie

Riverine Communites

       Cumberland Plateau gravel/cobble bar
       Gravel/cobble bar
   Sparsley Vegetated
       Mud flat
       Sand bar

Ponds and Lakes

       Bottomland lake (KET Video, starts at 18:45)
       Bottomland slough
       Coastal Plain slough (photo only)
       Sinkhole/depression pond