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Terrestrial Communities

Forests and Woodlands                               

       Mesic Forests
             Acidic mesophytic forest
Appalachian mesophytic forest
             Bluegrass mesophytic cane forest
             Calcareous mesophytic forest
             Coastal Plain mesophytic cane forest

             Cumberland highlands forest

             Deep soil mesophytic forest

Hemlock - mixed forest
             White pine - mixed forest

          Dry Forests
             Acidic sub-xeric forest
             Appalachian pine - oak forest

             Appalachian sub-xeric forest

             Calcareous sub-xeric forest

        Xeric Forests/Woodlands     
Acidic xeric forest/woodland        
Calcareous xeric forest/woodland
             Cumberland mountains xeric pine woodland/outcrop
             Cumberland mountains pitch pine woodland

             Xeric red cedar - oak forest/woodland
             Xeric Virginia pine forest/woodland

Xerohydric flatwoods

           Xeric to Mesic Woodlands/Barrens
             Bluegrass woodland

             Limestone barrens (open woodland)

             Sandstone barrens (open woodland)

             Shale barrens (open woodland)


           Limestone/dolomite prairie
             Sandstone prairie
             Tallgrass prairie


           Cumberland Plateau sandstone glade
             Dolomite glade
             Limestone flatrock glade
             Limestone slope glade
             Shawnee Hills sandstone glade
             Shale/siltstone glade

Cliffs, Outcrops and Rockhouses

            Dry limestone cliff/outcrop
            Dry sandstone cliff/outcrop
            Mesic - wet limestone cliff/outcrop

            Mesic - wet sandstone cliff/outcrop