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Maps & GIS Data

KSNPC uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for tasks ranging from species tracking and monitoring to preserve design and management. GIS is a system of computer software, hardware, data and trained personnel that allows for data creation, modification and analysis. Data in the system are stored in real world coordinates that enable us to integrate data from other agencies and organizations. The modeling and mapping capabilities of a GIS provide us with a means of developing predictive models that help identify potential species habitat and target field surveys, improved environmental review and data request procedures, expanded data sharing capabilities, enhanced preserve designs, improved preserve management and enable us to create higher quality cartographic products.

Blackside Dace Streams - Streams with extant and historic blackside dace populations.
          Formats: Google maps mashup| Google EarthKMZ file|ArcGIS Online map|ESRI shapefile| PDF maps
* Habitat Characterization Model for Federally Listed Plants in KentuckyPDF map
* “Hot Spots” and Priority Watersheds for Conservation of Imperiled Freshwater Mussels and FishesPDF map
* Kentucky Then & NowPDF map
* Large Forest Blocks of Kentucky (original analysis in ESRI Map Book #20)
* Managed Areas of Kentucky (new map and data coming soon)