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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Data Requests

The Data License describes restrictions placed on the use of data for more than one project and the reporting of sensitive element locations. One must be completed for each data request.

Standard and customized data requests cost $75 per hour. There is a one-hour minimum for all requests. Standard requests require an average of one to two hours. Government agencies, nonprofit organizations, students and researchers are provided limited data services at the standard time frame as time and resources permit.

It normally takes three to four​​ weeks to receive your response. The response time is not guaranteed; at certain times our workload does not allow all requests to be processed in this timeframe. Please inform us of any deadlines that must be met.  Data can usually be provided in 48 business hours (excluding weekends and holidays) for $150 per hour, or one-week service is available for $112.50 per hour.

Standard data reports can be obtained by completing the Data License online or by downloading the Data License and submitting a hard copy.

Available Service

1) Standard Occurrence Report:  Specific identification and location data for rare species and exemplary natural community occurrences can be provided when well-defined  project areas are submitted for review.  For county, EPA waterbody or user-defined circle or rectangle for which no specific project area is defined, we can review the project area and submit general location information and comments for the occurrences that are in the area.  For each occurrence within a specifically defined project area, the following information is provided: 
* Scientific and common names
* Federal and state statuses, global and state ranks
* Quadrangle, county and EPA waterbody name
* Directions, latitude, longitude and mapping precision for non-sensitive records 
* Occurrence quality, date last observed and assurance of identification
* Normal habitat for the element

2) Custom Data Searches and Reports can be created by KSNPC Data Services / Information Management staff.

Standard and custom data reports can be provided in printed or digital (Microsoft Word or Excel) format.

A cover letter that summarizes data search results and comments on the possible occurrence of federally listed elements is provided with standard and custom reports.