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Nature and Wildlife Fund

Donations to the Nature and Wildlife Fund made through the State Income Tax Checkoff Program are divided between the Non-game Division of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and the Nature Preserves Commission.

The commission uses checkoff program donations for two purposes -- land acquisition and nature preserve management. The commission has used checkoff donations to help acquire:

Additional funds have been used for land appraisals and legal surveys for several other acquisition projects. Checkoff donations have also been used to construct public visitation facilities at a number of nature preserves. In previous years, the commission used checkoff donations for trail maintenance and habitat management at several nature preserves, and to assist in the purchase of Blanton Forest, a large old-growth forest in Harlan County.

The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission is grateful to every Kentuckian who has chosen to contribute to the Nature and Wildlife Fund through the Kentucky Income Tax Checkoff Program.
Kentucky Tax Checkoff