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Get Involved

Our volunteer opportunities allow participation in the stewardship of state nature preserves and in the identification of important natural areas. Volunteers may serve as "watchdogs" over a state nature preserve or may help with short-term management activities. Professional and amateur naturalists and biologists can search for new populations of rare species as well as find previously unknown natural areas.

Support Our Work!

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      or make a check out to the Kentucky State Treasurer and mail to:
      300 Sower Blvd
      Frankfort, KY 40601

Friends of Kentucky Nature Preserves 

Donate directly to the Friends of Kentucky Nature Preserves. They are an independent non-profit organization set up to support our work through donations, as well as volunteer work. The Friends of Kentucky Nature Preserves are dedicated to the protection and promotion of our state’s biodiversity and natural areas through support of land management, scientific studies and environmental education.

Ky. State Nature Preserves Commission Inc.Support and protect Kentucky’s state natural area while shopping at no cost to you. will donate 0.5% of your purchase to the Friends Of The Ky State Nature Preserves Commission Inc., with just a few clicks of a button!
• Set your browser to (instead of
• Log in using your credentials.• Search and select Friends Of The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission Inc. as your charitable organization. • Shop as usual!

Nature and Wildlife Fund icon

Nature and Wildlife Fund - Financial assistance can be provided through a direct donation to the Nature Preserves Fund, a contribution to the Nature and Wildlife Fund on your state income tax form, or through a reduced-price sale or donation of a significant natural area.

Nature License Plate icon 
Kentucky Nature License Plate - Purchase Nature Plates for your vehicle. Money from the sale of the plate goes into a fund for purchasing natural areas to be left as wild places held in trust for future generations.

Spread the Word
Help us get the word out about the importance of biodiversity. All citizens can convey their concern for our natural environment to their friends and elected leaders.

Contribute Your Data
Biologists can submit species information on Federal and State Listed Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern species identified as a result of field surveys. Observation information from other biologists is valuable data that aids in monitoring rare species throughout the Commonwealth. To submit observation data submit an Element Occurrence Short Form.

Stay In Touch!
We would like to keep in touch with you.
* Come to our quarterly meetings to learn more about the issues and our work. Check the events calendar for upcoming meetings.
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