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Land Protection: Dedication

Pilot Knob SNP ~ photo by Barry HowardThe commission can legally dedicate land as a state nature preserve, thereby providing it with the strongest legal protection available under Kentucky law. Dedication protects the land from activities that would harm its natural qualities and character. The commission can dedicate land or conservation easements that it owns as a state nature preserve, as well as land owned by other public agencies or private individuals/organizations. Dedication is accomplished through execution of a legal document called Articles of Dedication, which contain a list of permanent land use restrictions. The exact terms of dedication are generally negotiable with the landowner, as long as permanent and thorough protection of the property is assured. Once the Articles of Dedication have been executed, the property is formally and legally designated as an addition to the state nature preserves system. For dedicated land owned by private individuals, the reduced value of the land attributable to the land use restrictions is considered a charitable donation and the property tax assessment is reduced accordingly.