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Energy and Environment Cabinet


KSNPC is overseen by five commission members appointed for a three-year term, expiring on June 30 of the third year following appointment. If an appointment is made to fill a vacancy, the appointment shall be for the balance of the unexpired term. Of the five commission members, one shall be a representative from the Kentucky Farm Bureau Association, one shall be a representative from the National Farmers Organization, and one shall be a representative from the State Association of Soil Conservation Districts. Each member shall be a resident of Kentucky and not an employee or officer of the Commonwealth.

The commissioners hold quarterly meetings to provide direction and guidance to commission staff and to approve Memorandum of Agreements and Articles of Dedication. Below is a listing of current KSNPC commissioners:

Mr. Adrian K. Arnold
Mount Sterling, Ky.
Representing the Farm Bureau Association

Mr. Carl W. Breeding
Lexington, Ky. 
Representing At Large Members

Mr. Harold Campbell
Richmond, Ky.
Representing At Large Members

Mr. Ted Jessup
Greenville, Ky.
Representing the Kentucky Association of Soil Conservation Districts

Mrs. Shirley Trunnell
Utica, Ky.
Representing National Farmers Organization