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collapse KNP : 1. Director's Office ‎(3)
Zeb Weese
502-782-7837Policy, Public Affairs, Legislative Issues, Strategic Planning and Staff Supervision
Stephanie Ellis
502-782-7823Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board program administration
Judy Cunningham
502-782-7822Budget, Purchasing, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, Inventory/Facility Management
collapse KNP : 2. Natural Areas Branch ‎(4)
Josh Lillpop
502-782-7830Coordinate habitat conservation, management, and monitoring at nature preserves, natural areas, heritage lands, and wild rivers; staff supervision
Kyle Napier
606-434-4294 Management of southeast region state nature preserves and wild rivers
Tara Littlefield
502-782-7831Coordinate rare plant monitoring and management, biological inventories of natural areas
Brent Frazier
502-782-7824Land acquisition, conservation easement inspections, land protection options, registry of private natural lands
collapse KNP : 3. Biological Assessment Branch ‎(7)
Martina Hines
502-782-7827Natural Heritage Database Program and biological inventory coordination, staff supervision
Brian Yahn
502-782-7838Ecological community inventories
Mike Compton
502-782-7821Monitoring of fishes, mussels, crayfishes, and aquatic snails; streams and wetlands
Devin Rodgers
502-782-7835Native plant monitoring, botanical inventories
Shelby Fulton
502-782-7825Monitoring of insects, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and turtles
Ian Horn
502-782-7828GIS Products, Oracle Database Support, Reporting, Data Processing, Data Requests/Exchanges/Agreements, SQL server development
Evelyn Pickett
502-782-7834Biotics 5 support, Data Processing, Data Quality/Data Assurance, GIS